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Complete Isolation Character Reference Art

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1 Complete Isolation Character Reference Art on Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:28 am


Okay, I want to start the process soon of making official scene art and portrait art for the game, but as the art is community based, we need to get some reference art down for the characters. As such, I need some artist to draw full-body art of the character, with details such as colors, clothing, to be used as reference for the characters, and to get more art of them in general.

Style doesn't matter, though the game will aim to have a more Eastern style that is seen in scene and portrait (IE, like you might see in visual novels), but the style of the reference does not matter as long as the details are there.

Here is everything that I have for details of the eight main characters: 

Kiara: Kiara's final design is near complete, she basically looks like this: 

She has light violet hair and green eyes. She wears a small crystal pendant around her neck. She should wear a Khaki A-Line Skirt, like this but with no flower design: 

And should wear shoes like this: 

Olivia: Olivia's final design is near complete, she basically looks like this: 

Olivia has silver hair and hazel eyes. We have decided that she wears blue-jean Capris and Tennis Shoes. Her shoes should look something like this (no Nike logo obviously): 

Howard: Howard's design is near complete outside of shoes and color.

The colors should be blue jeans, a white belt with a gold buckle, a white undershirt, and a red striped shirt with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. A note that the cross is important in his design, and is golden.

Wears Soccer Sneakers: 

Aimee: Her character design is done outside of coloring.

She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, a white overshirt with a black undershirt, a silver watch, blue jeans, and black and white shoes.

Nathan: Nathan as well is close to having a complete character look.

Dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Essentially the only other thing is that he should have some worn-out blue jeans, and some worn out dog walking shoes: 

Melody: Another almost finished one.

Reddish hair with blue, a white undershirt with an open red-jacket. She should have a skinny figure and big bust, she also wears a black belt, black jeans, and wears cowboy shoes like this: 

Dean: Dean's look changed a lot, but basically he looks like this: 

Has straight yellow-hair with a small pony-tail in the back and exaggerate sideburns with a little stubble on his chin, and green eyes. Though he has a small pony-tail in the back. He almost always has something in his mouth (piece of wheat, a cigarette, a lollipop, etc), and wears a cowboy hat like this: 

And cowboy boots like this: 

Peter: This one was done almost instantly.

He has blue hair and glasses and always has his eyes closed, he wears a plain button-up green shirt with some pockets, black jeans, and wears shoes like this: 

Any and all art for these guys is always appreciated, I would like to get some good 'final design' sketches and concept art for them now that their designs are nearly final.


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