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We have started the main development of Complete Isolation, which you can follow via live broadcasting at: https://www.youtube.com/user/AestheticGamer

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Complete Isolation Voice Auditions

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1Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Empty Complete Isolation Voice Auditions on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:00 pm


Complete Isolation is a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] freeware RPG Maker VX Ace 2D atmospheric survival-horror game that aims to break the mold and expectations put onto 2D survival-horror as well as what can be done with the RPG Maker VX Ace engine. Using original audio, art, and taking advantage of RUBY scripting, the game is currently under development via live broadcast on my personal [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

While voice acting isn't a priority at this stage in development, I wanted to get the audition out there as early as possible so that the window of opportunity is open for a while. The game takes advantage of three voice options for the player, with them being able to select to have Minimalistic Voicing (only voice acting used is what is needed for gameplay), 'Grumble' Voice Acting (groans, sighs, sobs, laughs, grrrs, etc), and 'Full' voice acting (all story cutscenes fully voiced). Voice work is a very valuable form of expression, as well as something that helps bring a character to life. 2D games, especially 2D horror games, aren't especially known for full voice acting, and as such I am taking it all very seriously. I do have a lot of experience with working with vocal actors, and for anyone who gets on-board with the project I am more than willing to communicate and work with you to get the most impact out of your voice for the specific scenes.

I can answer any concerns or questions either here or via email.

The deadline is September 30th, 2013, and all auditions should be sent to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] . Will critique on request. The work is paid work, though with a humble price-tag (we're working on a low budget) going for $50 for a main character, $20 for a Other Character, and $10 for a Monster. If you audition, please be responsive and know I will be working with a strict but reasonable deadline as our goal is to release the game in December. The auditions are being held in three different places, and the final stats will be posted on October 1st on all of the,

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all Other Characters and Monsters are currently listed, the entire cast will be available in July.

Details & Rules
-Send your auditions to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
-Deadline is September 30th, 2013.
-I will leave critique on anyone who asks for it, and you may resubmit as long as it's before the deadline.
-Voice world will be paid a humble amount, we don't have a very high budget and this is being released as a freeware game for anyone to experience, but we're going for $50 for the main cast, $20 for the Other Characters, and $10 for the Monsters. (payments will be done via PayPal once the voicework is complete, though you are free to offer your services for free if you desire)
-Having a higher-quality microphone is desired.
-If you come aboard the project, deadlines will be very strict but reasonable. If you don't get things done in time, you will be replaced.
-Voice direction is really important to me in this project. Emoting is important, and is one of the highest qualities I am searching for. Once onboard, I will be open to working with you and directing on Skype to get the tone and emotion I'm going for and talking things over.
-There are two audio tracks for the game, one that is fully voiced and one that is limited to 'grunt' noises (sighs, sobs, grrs, etc). We'll be doing both of them.

(The character art is concept art, the final designs may change)

Main Cast

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Pci
Age: 17
Gender: Female
An outward ice queen, Kiara keeps closely knit with a small number of acquaintances that she is familiar with. Kiara has never been very social, being a rather deeply-rooted cynic, and one of the most stubborn people you'll ever meet. But she does have a strong sense of justice and kindness deep down for those who she considers to be a friend.
Voice & Needs: Kiara should be able to sound fairly cynical and fairly often mumbles to herself, but also be able to express endearment, disbelief, and be able to emote sadness and sobbing.
01.) *normal* "I'm home mom! How's dinner coming along?"
02.) *sarcastic* "Yeah, and afterwards we can all hold hands and frolic off back to paradise, eh?"
03.) *mumble* "Sure thing, Captain obvious."
04.) *caring* "You are the most stubborn person I have ever met. Please, don't do this..."
05.) *disbelief* "You...Why would you... Why!?"
06.) *sobbing* "Well, I'll see you on... The other... *break-down into crying here*"

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Wewl
Age: 16
Gender: Female
A energetic and sociable youth, Olivia is an outgoing tomboy who alternates from being the playful center of attention, and the perverted onlooker to her close mates. She has an air about her that makes just about anyone trust her, and while a blabbermouth, takes great pride in concealing her friends secrets. Kiara and Olivia have been best friends since they were kids, and it is rare to see one without the other.
Voice & Needs: Bubbly and a habit to laugh to herself, Olivia sometimes breaks into silly voices, though also has moments of calming things down and comforting those around her. She will need to express pain verbally.
01.) *jokingly serious* "Why yes madame, our flight comes packed with two meals and a movie. Would you like to see our menu?"
02.) *bubbly* "That is soooo cute! I just want to smother it until it stops breathing and lock it in a cage!"
03.) *silly voice* "Which did he go? Oh, which way did he go?"
04.) *old man pervert* "Look how luxurious those puppies are~"
05.) *comforting* "It's okay. I'm here. You're not alone anymore..."
06.) *painfully as if barely managing words* "*pained noises* I... I... Please... Kill..."

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Yb5
Age: 17
Gender Male
A natural leader who acts with confidence. Howard was born in a religious atmosphere, and was greatly inspired by the feats of the son of god. He puts his all into everything he does, and is a successful soccer player, academic, and priest in training. While he can sometimes be a rather intense individual, and carries a lot on his shoulders, he’ll do what he can to help lead others and bring people together.
Voice & Needs: Has a very 'handsome' voice. Speaks proper, and confidently. Needs to be able to sound stressed, and eventually the character will need to sound creepy and out of his goddamn mind.
01.) *thoughtful* "But seriously, why were you here?"
02.) *jokingly* "You always were such a brat. But maybe we need brats like you every once in awhile."
03.) *confidently as his leader role* "Okay, we should stick together and see what we can find."
04.) *Creepy* "Don't be afraid. See. I'm human. I'll protect you. Come here. Seriously. I'll always be here for you."
05.) *insane* "Oh the things I would do if I were that doctor. You should be really happy I am not that doctor."
06.) *scary angry* "DON'T YOU TOUCH ME."

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions 5jg
Age: 12
Gender: Female
The youngest of the bunch, Aimee tries her best to be brave and act like an adult, but is rather childish and cowardly. Aimee lost her older brother at a young age, and has been fairly insecure ever since. While Aimee might be a bit of a prankster (even if most of her pranks backfire on her), all she really wants is to be accepted.
Voice & Needs: Needs a younger voice as the younger character. She needs to express childish pranks and gestures, and also be able to emote crying as she is somewhat of a crybaby.
01.) *matter-of-factly* "I'm twelve, I'll let you know. *sticks out tongue* Nyahhh."
02.) *arrogant and duffawing* "Ohohohoho~ You think I'd fall for that, well I'll let you know... *brief pause as something suddenly happens and surprises her* Ah! *humbled and out of wind a bit* I... I'm okay..."
03.) *a bit shy* "I... Would like to come with you, if you don't mind..."
04.) *cry baby time* "No! I don't want to! Let go!"
05.) *a pure track of silent sobbing to herself*
06.) *completely out of it and in pain* "Please... Open the door... I... Open... It hurts..."

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Vy4
Age: 16
Gender: Male
A disciplined bookworm who has been put in the situation to take care of his ill mother, Nathan is a rather reserved and somewhat rough individual who has had to deal with hard times. He’s commonly misjudged due to his intimidating looks, but is actually a rather reliable sweetheart who is as resourceful as he is poetic.
Voice & Needs: Sounds somewhat cold, though a bit more warm whenever he talks about books. An elegant tone, and one that can express poetry with sensual ease and eventually sound pissed-off to the root.
01.) *non-interested* "Hmn. Sure."
02.) *coldly* "And who put you in charge?"
03.) *warmer and pleasantly* "I'm partial to the works of Stephen King, but Poe and Lovecraft were absolute masters of their craft."
04.) *elegantly* "And without whisper or whither, he knelt and grasped at her strands of hair, which flowed, forever doward, expressing themselves into the snow."
05.) *pissed-off* "And who was it that told everyone to head upward, hmn? You are a sick human being."
06.) *even more pissed-off* "They all died because of you!"

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions 62
Age: 17
Gender: Female
An extravagant drama-queen with dreams to one day make it big in the city, Melody isn't all-too pleased with the current country life she lives. Interested in being involved with the latest fashion and music, the reality of cows and crops that actually is can't be viewed as anything but unacceptable in her eyes. She is a very susceptible person who will take praise to her head, but rather gullible and oblivious.
Voice & Needs: Dramatic. She often over-emotes. When she is happy, she is REALLY happy. When she is sad, she is REALLY sad. Exaggerant, she also can act like a crazy bitch when she wants too.
01.) *preppy* "Hello Howard! I made you lunch, tee-hee~"
02.) *exaggerated happy* "Oohh my gawsh, you totally did! Oh, that is SO you!"
03.) *confused* "What? I don't get it. *a bit ticked-off* What are you guys talking about!?"
04.) *exaggerated sad* "W-Why would you say that!? Don't you even care about me!?"
05.) *crazy angry bitch* "Oh, I'll let you know. I'll let everyone know! You have not heard the last of this, I'll make sure."
06.) *just insane* "-maniacal laughter- You... you all love me! My debut... I'm so gorgeous... Oh thank you all... -laughter-"

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Qcu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Who can only be described as a hick and a southern gentlemen, Dean is a rather hot-headed and direct individual who has a sort of food fetish. He might be a bit slow-witted when it comes to the understanding, but he’s quite quick on the uptake. While his rowdiness can make him seem wild, he actually is quite good at following orders, and always has a place in his heart to help a fair maiden.
Voice & Needs: A southern accent, and can easily switch between buddy-buddy laughing and having a good-time, to hot-headed and gruff. Will need to sound in pain, and scared.
01.) *surprised* "Well, crack-me-over-two-sunny-side-eggs-and-a-hashbrown, if it isn't little Kiara!"
02.) *having a good time with friends* "Ha, yeah. I remember. Oh man, those days were just the best!"
03.) *getting hot-headed* "No, I reckon you're the one at fault, ma-je-sty~"
04.) *angry and gruff* "I'll show you some 'proper-schooling'! Clench your teeth, bastard!"
05.) *in pain* "Guh... I... Don't know if I can... Walk this one off..."
06.) *scared* "This isn't funny guys. I... Guys? I don't wanna be alone..."

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions 4yu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
An elected class official and tutor, Peter spends a lot of his time observing and helping others. He has a deep fascination with the occult, which doesn't always mix well with his rather dark sense of humor. He strives for win-win situations with his peers, and has a naturally soothing presence. His optimistic attitude makes him a valued friend to many. He is often mistaken to be rather intelligent thanks to his glasses and posture, but he is actually rather ditzy.
Voice & Needs: A relaxed and soothing voice. Usually talks in a matter-of-fact type of way, but naturally emotes a kind tenderness with his voice. Will need to sound strained down the line.
01.) *chuckling and pleasant* "Oh my, no that's not quite how it's done, but very creative."
02.) *matter-of-factly* "The Laddler Estate was founded in the early 1900s, after settler's gathered to establish Coble Town in 1908."
03.) *With extra tender* "Oh, I apologize. I didn't mean to upset you."
04.) *deviously* "Or maybe you might just burst a vein, and call all of the forest critters forth to feast on your decaying flesh."
05.) *delighted* "Ohaha! Oh! That was a good one! Oh! You are a funny guy."
06.) *Strained and difficulty speaking* "You're.... You're just as lovely today... As you were... Yesterday..."

Other Characters

(Image Not Available)
Age: 53
Gender: Male
The person who founded the Laddler Estate many years ago. Laddler was a serious yet kind man, who had equal interests in both science and religion. It is unknown to this day whatever happened to him, but his estate lays looming over Cobble Town, virtually untouched, over half a century later.
Voice & Needs: Needs to sound thoughtful and serious. Needs to be able to emote sadness.
01.) *resentment* "If I knew it would come to this, I would of never dragged that accursed thing out from the depths..."
02.) *cheerfully* "Oh, you made yourself a train? *quietly as if whispering it super-personally to a kid* When I was about your age, I rode my first train."
03.) *Sadness* "No... Why... WHY!"

(Image Not Available)
Age: 48
Gender: Female
Laddler's wife, and his muse. She disappeared with him years ago, but was known for being a very vocal and yet warm woman who had a particular interest in children.
Voice & Needs: A happy woman who tries not to trouble others, she needs to sound affirming and have a natural way with words. Cracks jokes and be a bit rowdy at times, but also gentle.
01.) *pleasantly* "Do any of you boys want a sandwich? I'm preparing for potluck tomorrow, and thought you two may be hungry."
02.) *rowdy* "Ever see these arms at work? I don't mean to brag, but I can slice a cucumber clean in just a few odd seconds."
03.) *comforting* "Pleasant dreams, honey."

(Image Not Available)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Laddler and Marian's son. He was privately taught and didn't have many friends, but disappeared with the rest of his family mysteriously one day.
Voice & Needs: Needs to sound young, and a bit shy. Should be able to yell.
01.) *shyly* "My parents always told me not to talk to strangers."
02.) *excited* "A real train! How fast was it!? Did you get to go in the caboose!?"
03.) *yell* "Help! Somebody! We're stuck! Anybody!"

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all Other Characters and Monsters are currently listed, the entire cast will be available in July.


Complete Isolation Voice Auditions 93u
Blind Hunger: 
Age: ?
Gender: Male
A monster that wanders the mines. Its blind and casually makes its way around when unprovoked, but it is highly sensitive to sound and is surprisingly fast. The monster takes its victims and paralyzes them into a state that looks similar to a statue, and then tears open their bodies and consumes their innards. The more it eats, the larger it becomes as the innards from its victims conjoins with itself.
Voice & Needs: The monster has a gurgly feel to how it makes noise. It needs to sound revolting, disturbing, and like its choking on its own gullet half the time.
01.) *Should be a choking noise that sounds like you're spitting up something*
02.) *Should emulate something like groaning and a grumbling stomach with your mouth*
03.) *slurping sounds*

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Izij
Hanged Man: 
Age: ?
Gender: Male
A monster that hangs, bondaged, to the ceiling of the storage shack. To pass it, it must be freed, and it thus lurks this location. The monster has messed up legs, and has to crawl around. While it is a slow chaser, the monster takes advantage of its surroundings and hides in tight places (like in a pipe or under a couch) where it can pop out and attack the player in surprise.
Voice & Needs: Sounds whispery, raspy, and should sound really, REALLY creepy. 
01.) *deep raspy breathing that is erratic and irregular, creepy*
02.) *sounds from the throat that should be deep, and quiet, as if creepingly standing behind someone*
03.) *excited raspy breathing and screeching*

Complete Isolation Voice Auditions 15oieco
Laughing Vixen: 
Age: ?
Gender: Female
A twisted monster with tattered hair, an ungodly and impossible creepy smile, and in the form of a woman, the monster crazily laughs and has a bad habit of scratching and inflicting pain all over herself.
Voice & Needs: Needs to laugh maniacally and creepingly, should sound insane, and should have a few quiet yet creepy lines.
01.) *loud maniacal and super creepy laughing*
02.) *quieter under the breath giggling that should still remain creepy*
03.) *while quietly laughing under her breath* "Seeee youuuu~ Pretty! Preeettyyy! Hehehehe..."

(Image Not Available)
Shadow of a Doctor: 
Age: About 30
Gender: Male
A 'shadow' of a nameless doctor who once lived on the Laddler Estate.
Voice & Needs: Should sound thoughtful, as if recording a report.
01.) *clinically* "There are signs of struggle, and bruises on the upper abdomen... But these bruises seem to be much older than the time of death."
02.) *to himself, a bit weirded out* "Why would he even be here? It doesn't make any practical sense..."

(Image Not Available)
Shadow of a Mistress: 
Age: 20s
Gender: Female
A 'shadow' of a nameless mistress who once had a customer at the Laddler Estate.
Voice & Needs: Should sound somewhat tired, and puts on a fake 'sexual' tone for her patients. Will need to sound absolutely terrified.
01.) *tired and bored sounding* "Well, guess I gotta' dress up all pretty-like. *sarcastically* I hope he calls me princess."
02.) *sexualy but a bit fake* "Oh, I see we have a naughty boy in today~"
03.) *absolutely terrified* "NO! STAY AWAY! *yelling and screaming*"

(Image Not Available)
Shadow of a Granddaughter: 
Age: 9
Gender: Female
A 'shadow' of a nameless granddaughter who went to the Laddler Estate with her grandfather on a trip.
Voice & Needs: Needs to sound like a little girl of course. Will need to emote growing anxiety that ultimately breaks down into a panic attack.
01.) *curious* "Grandpa, did you used to live here?"
02.) *adorably* "I love you grandpa. Please, stay safe."
03.) *panicking* "NO! Grandpa! Grandpa!"

(Image Not Available)
Shadow of a Grandfather: 
Age: 60s
Gender: Male
A 'shadow' of a nameless grandfather who went to the estate for memories sake with his granddaughter.
Voice & Needs: Should sound old obviously. Will need to talk simple to a child, and ultimately a quiet sadness and will need to plead and pray seriously.
01.) *talking a bit cutely to a child* "Why yes dear. I used to come here every summer and visit my family."
02.) *quiet sadness* "I should of stayed... Oh god, please forgive me... *picking up the mourning* Please, dear god, not her! Not her!"

(Image Not Available)
Shadow of a Thug: 
Age: 20s
Gender: Male
A 'shadow' of a nameless thug who went to raid the Laddler Estate of its riches.
Voice & Needs: Should talk gansta', yo'. Tries to play it off cool, but ultimately freaks the fuck out.
01.) *cheeringly confident* "Just gotta' knab' it reaal smoooth."
02.) *freaking the fuck out* "I said who's there! C-C-Come with your motherfucken' hands up!"

(Image Not Available)
Shadow of a Researcher: 
Age: 30s
Gender: Female
A 'shadow' of a nameless researcher who went to Laddler Estate to investigate myths and legends about the site.
Voice & Needs: Should sound intelligent, excited, concerned, and worried.
01.) *excited* "We made a breakthrough today! The university will be ecstatic when they hear this."
02.) *tired* "I just don't know how it all pieces together. *aggravated at herself* Why can't I piece it all together..."
03.) *worried* "They wouldn't have... Those incompetent.."

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all Other Characters and Monsters are currently listed, the entire cast will be available in July.


2Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Empty Re: Complete Isolation Voice Auditions on Sun Aug 18, 2013 9:11 pm


Is it alright if we auditioned for more than one character? I'd personally like to try my hand at a handful of them and see if you believe my voice fits with one of them. Any preference for audio file type? I am trying to get my start as a voice actor and could definitely use the feedback.

Let me know if it's alright to audition for more than one role and I'll get to practicing!

Thanks. Smile

3Complete Isolation Voice Auditions Empty Re: Complete Isolation Voice Auditions on Tue Oct 01, 2013 2:51 am


Thank you to all those who auditioned! Auditions are now closed, and later today will update the OP and post more detailed information about the roles in question and what is needed, and need people who are either the first choices or one of the two runner-ups to confirm sometime in the new two or so weeks (before midnight on October 15th). I paid attention to potential as well as what was delivered in the lines, and hope to work closely with all of you in the near future. I'll send emails to all of those who are the current first choices a bit later today.

But for now, the list of people who have been selected to play roles in Complete Isolation. For those who are on the list, either as First Choices or one of the two runner-ups, I would like a confirmation if at possible before the October 15th date either in the topic or by email, and will email later with more details and a few questions and details about the role to make sure you know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

Thomas & Shadow of the Mistress were decided not to have any fit matches at the time and will be worked out later.

Without further to-do, here is the list of people who were selected for the project:

First Choice: BerrySugar
Runner-Up 1: Mizura (Rina Adachi)
Runner-Up 2: Akikaze (Isabela Nepomuceno)

First Choice: ATheatricalSongBird
Runner-Up 1: BananaBread (Sandy)
Runner-Up 2: Chinomi

First Choice: FrustratedRocks
Runner-Up 1: D4K44R1
Runner-Up 2: John Archer

First Choice: Pickle131
Runner-Up 1: AderuMoro
Runner-Up 2: BananaBread (Sandy)

First Choice: XxSil3ntMavenxX
Runner-Up 1: MattScisco
Runner-Up 2: Isaac Lawson

First Choice: anyproblems123
Runner-Up 1: Jack Plissken
Runner-Up 2: Tik115

First Choice: Fweep (Shea Schrandt)
Runner-Up 1: Ameloid
Runner-Up 2: Adoxographist

First Choice: ShadowPuppy
Runner-Up 1: Chris Thurman
Runner-Up 2: XxSil3ntMavenxX

First Choice: Shockdingo
Runner-Up 1: Armaemortes
Runner-Up 2: D.S. (dmsfff)

First Choice: ShiverSpell
Runner-Up 1: BerrySugar
Runner-Up 2: NikLotus

Blind Hunger-
First Choice: Doovad
Runner-Up 1: Speedjolt
Runner-Up 2: Calogero Parrinello

Hanged Man-
First Choice: Alexander Doddy
Runner-Up 1: ShadowPuppy
Runner-Up 2: Tik115

Laughing Vixen-
First Choice: Caraleigh
Runner-Up 1: Skyliteyed
Runner-Up 2: GhostlyHamburger

Shadow of a Doctor-
First Choice: John Archer
Runner-Up 1: D. S. (dmsfff)
Runner-Up 2: Owain (Mathew Owens)

Shadow of a Granddaughter-
First Choice: Sayaka Mashiro
Runner-Up 1: pickle131 (Nina)
Runner-Up 2: thenerdwithacamera

Shadow of a Grandfather-
First Choice: Shockdingo
Runner-Up 1: D.S. (dmsfff)
Runner-Up 2: Armaemortes (Des Knight)

Shadow of a Thug-
First Choice: Jack Plissken
Runner-Up 1: Eric Wheeldon
Runner-Up 2: James Larabee

Shadow of a Researcher-
First Choice: jiah
Runner-Up 1: Adoxographist
Runner-Up 2: BerrySugar


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