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Plague Doctor

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1Plague Doctor Empty Plague Doctor on Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:00 pm


I kind of see a (medieval) plague doctor as either the insane villain, or as a more sympathetic character. Back in the day, a good portion of them really were indeed exploiting the ill in order to experiment with unknown/infantile forms of medicine…but I could also see some of them as actual hardworking doctors. They go and visit the abandoned, quarantined ill patients in order to try and cure them, despite (what they thought were) the dangers of the unknown illness. Their presence in a town may symbolise death to some, when the original intention is supposed to alleviate the fears of the towns folk.

I don’t see a vampire as the type to sparkle in the sunlight, but I could definitely see a plague doctor singing to their dying victims (probably really creepy with that mask on though). At the root of all things, plague doctors were humans too…so I guess this begs the question, is our Plague Doctor human?

(Yes, I'm a weirdo, sue me.)

Edit: Watched the spoiler video, didn't expect the twist...
What a Face

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